Student Projects

Student Project Approval

Many student projects require review and approval by campus departments. Student life, faculty, facilities and grounds, environmental health and safety, risk management, and campus safety and security all provide support to student initiatives on campus. This approval process is designed to streamline the necessary reviews in a shared format that ensures transparency of the process. A proposal should be submitted for projects that impact the physical campus (land or buildings), or those which may pose a health, environmental, or other risk to the campus community. Examples of projects requiring approval: installations of art or other structures on campus (other than gallery approved exhibits), creating new garden space, and performances in other than regular theater spaces.

There is no funding associated with this approval process, you need to pursue funding through normal campus sources. The College does not maintain approved projects, and will make reasonable efforts to leave them up, but reserves the right to remove any project from campus at any time. The College will give the creator the option to take possession of removed projects within a reasonable time.

All project review comments and responses will be posted to the site so the student, their faculty adviser, and all reviewers can follow the communication thread. Each project will be assigned a lead reviewer whose campus position and expertise are best suited to evaluate the particular project. This person will collect additional information as needed, make the final decision, and issue the project permit.